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Mac help with hardware problems:

Defective power jack

Your Mac does not charge the accumulator any more or pulls no power? Then you have a problem with a defective power jack. This can be exchanged by our Mac-help engineers immediately.

Damage by liquids

Has liquid run to your Mac? All damages resulted besides repair our Mac-help of engineers and provide for it your Mac as quickly as possible again functioned.

Professional cleaning

Your Mac becomes Very hot after a short time? Possible causes for it are often pollutions within her device. This entails that her Mac cannot be optimally cooled any more.

Defective sreen

The screen flickers or remains black? After some time in use the display can break in her Mac. Our Mac help engineer exchange it with pleasure for you.

Tuning with slow Macs

Your Mac is too slow or has not enough storage space? Our Mac help engineer arm her Mac with pleasure with quicker hardware. These are above all the main memory and the hard disk.

Mac help with software problems:

Mac-help by the installation and configuration of the MAC of operating system

We take over the installation of her Mac of operating system with pleasure for them. Besides, it is no matter around which version of the Mac of operating system concerns. With the equipment of the operating system our engineers offer with pleasure Mac help.

Mac help by the installation and configuration of e-mail

On account of web surface or e-mail programme, we perform to you Mac help with the equipment for the comfortable work with her electronic post.

Mac-help by the installation and configuration of the office

We instal your office package or also every other for Mac available office product. our engineers offer Mac help by the installation and configuration the office software.

Mac-help by the installation and configuration of the applications package

A Mac makes available an amount in software, still it can be that must be upgraded. Mac help is necessary here. We help of course also with the equipment of your software.

Consultation and servicing with the Mac help

Mac-help with the consultation and installation

We discuss you if you liked to buy yourselves a new Mac and find with you together the optimum Mac for you. Our engineers perform Mac help with the application of basic functions and approaches.

Mac-help by the servicing of your Mac

We hold her Mac topical and wait her Mac. Our experts offer Mac help with the installation of the newest software and drivers, so that they can work carefree.

Mac-help offers more for you:

Data-rescue of your USB and internal hard disk, USB flash drives and memorycards

Mac-Hilfe-DatenrettungThe Mac help saves her data of every medium, whether customary hard disks, USB flash drives and every kind of memorycards. Our engineers analyse and inform you as quickly as possible.

Virus-removal: Trojan, worms, BKA, GVU...

Mac-Hilfe-ComputervirenQuick it has happened! Really everybody can catch viruses to itself, whether IT professional or a layman. With a possible virus infestation the notebook service is her competent contact. We remove the pests without remains from her system.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your notebook by mac-help engineers

Mac-Hilfe-Notebook-ReparaturIs the notebook slow or does something not function any more like before? Then service is there to the Mac help. We look with pleasure after her problems with the notebook, whether on site or in the Mac help service centre. Our engineers are her contact.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your PC

Mac-Hilfe-PC-ReparaturTheir PC has given up the mind? No problem of the Mac help service helps them with pleasure! Our engineers repair or exchange defective components. They can bring the defective PC to us or the Mac help service comes to you.

Installation and configuration of your network and Internet

Mac-Hilfe-Netzwerk-EinrichtenWould you like to go for online, however, anyhow the technology as well as you does not want to want. The specialist staff of the Mac help furnish to them her network and her internet connection. A short phone call in our service centre and one of our engineers is in the twinkling of an eye with you at home.

Installation and configuration of your telephone system and phones

Mac-Hilfe-TelefonanlageYour telephone system and your phones furnishes to the Mac-help service with pleasure for you. Simply contact our engineers and we are fastest possible on site.

Configuration of your server

Mac-Hilfe-Server-EinrichtenYou expect from a server that he functions easily and works in the background reliably. Their competent Mac help service furnishes to you to her server, and everything instal what to functioning server surroundings heard.

Customer reviews:

Tom Griech

Our Mac did not start any more. We were completely helpless because it still functioned the day before. I brought it then in the service centre of the computer rescue car. The engineers there found fast the cause and repaired the device and I could fetch it after a few days again. Now everything runs again. Great!!!!

Martina Freitz

My broken device took there a good thing of the computers of rescue cars, and got back it after a short time repaired again. Thus this must be, very nicely.